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A Dental Office That Does It All for You

Creative Smile Designs wants you to have a bright smile that exudes happiness, health, and confidence. You can keep that smile looking its best with our help.

From our digital X-rays to comprehensive sterilization procedures, every measure we take is to benefit you and your health.

High-Quality Digital X-Ray Technology

Digital X-Rays are a benefit at multiple levels. First and most important is that there is approximately 80% reduction in radiation.  

The system we chose, ScanX, uses phosphor plates that are shaped and handled much like the “old” x-rays you have been used to for years. In fact, you may not realize something is different until you see the x-ray on the computer monitor. The films are actually a little thinner and not as stiff as the “old” x-rays, making it easier for you to have them in your mouth. This is because the films can be “manipulated” in various ways by the computer, many films that might have to be retaken because they were too light or too dark. It can have the contrast changed and better be able to view the x-rays. This means fewer retakes of x-rays and less radiation for you! In fact, this system has eighty percent (80%) less radiation than conventional “old” x-rays even if you don’t include less retakes.

Digital X-rays also don’t use chemicals to process the films, so the environment is protected. We can easily e-mail or put X-rays on a CD when we need to refer you to a specialist.

Comprehensive Sterilization

Our office is committed to your safety! To protect you we heat sterilize (autoclave) almost all of our equipment including such items as hand pieces (drills), hand instruments, burs, etc. If we can’t autoclave something we dispose of it! Things like needles, sutures are new for each patient. Our families use the same instruments that we use for you.

In addition, we have our autoclaves tested on a regular basis by the University of Iowa. These tests make sure the autoclaves are sterilized properly.  

Surfaces are disinfected with chemicals shown to be effective and approved by the American Dental Association.

CPR trained

Our entire staff is Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) trained. This important training could save the life of a patient, staff member, family, or you!

HIPAA - For Your Privacy!

Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a Federal law that was enacted with many benefits to you! The two major effects that are important to dentistry are 
  • Uniformity and universality of insurance forms, nomenclature, etc.
  • Privacy of information.
Our office strives to not only meet, but exceed the requirements of HIPAA. Even though this law is relatively recent, we have followed these guidelines for many years! We don’t, and never have, sold, traded or given any of your private information to any outside organization unless required by law or in the course of your treatment or consultation for your treatment.

If you would like more information about our HIPAA / Privacy Policy, feel free to call and ask!


Diagnodent uses laser technology to detect decay early. It is possible to have a small amount of decay in the depth of a groove that cannot be seen on an X-ray, with an explorer or your eyes. This means that the decay can cause damage from the inside-out! A small wand is held to the tooth a number is displayed and an alarm sounds when there are signs of hidden decay. This technology is completely safe and painless. Using this high-tech tool can make fillings much more conservative, easier for you, and even less expensive!

Hospital Dentistry

Many people have some apprehension about having dental treatment. We have a number of ways to help if you are one of those people. We have several types of dental sedation we can use in the office. Let us know if you are interested in any one of these.

Some patients have difficulty having treatment in a routine dental setting. This may be due to a developmental disability, immaturity (age), phobia, or medical problem. Being able to take care of these individuals while they are asleep makes it much easier and safer for everyone. Since our hospital time is limited, we try other forms of sedation first.

Continuing Education

Dentistry is a fast paced profession with new ideas and techniques constantly available. Attending continuing education courses allows us to provide you with the best possible and most up to date dental care possible.  

Improving our techniques for the things we have been doing, as well as learning new techniques to offer you better dentistry!  

Not only does Dr. Lynch attend a number of continuing education programs every year, but the staff attends many of them too! This is a commitment of time and money that Dr. Lynch and his staff not only enjoy, but feel is vital to caring for you and your family, using the newest, latest and greatest technology!

OralCDx- Oral Cancer Screen

At every professional cleaning and exam appointment, Dr. Lynch and his staff will check your oral tissues for anything that doesn’t look right. When Dr. Lynch pulls on your tongue, he isn’t checking to see if it is connected!

Oral cancer is one of the most devastating types of cancer and has one of the lowest cure rates of all cancers. OralCDx uses a brush biopsy technique that combines with computer technology to give one of the best diagnostic percentages available today.

This simple brush technique makes it much easier for you and Dr. Lynch to check an area that may be questionable. By checking these areas more frequently, there is a much better chance of finding oral cancers when they are small, perhaps saving your life!

No Latex

An increasing number of people are sensitive to latex. Sensitivity may range from a slight rash to a severe life threatening reaction. In response to this increasing problem our office has made the commitment to take major sources of latex out of the office. We have taken known sources of latex out of the office and treatment areas for the safety of our patients and staff.

Sedation Dentistry

It is important that you be comfortable for any treatment that we provide for you. There are several ways we can help make you comfortable.

Local anesthesia (numbing) is the primary way to keep you comfortable. This has been around for years, and is a great improvement over “biting on a stick!” Some of the methods we use are:
  • Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) 
  • Oral sedation (a pill)
  • Intravenous (IV) Sedation (through a tube in your vein)
  • General Anesthesia (asleep in the hospital)
healthy teeth

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